Hou Chien Cheng

The work of Hou Chien Cheng (b. 1981, Taiwan) focuses on autobiography; on both visual practice and theoretical research. A sort of personal mythology or, some may describe as, micro-historical investigation. He uses his personal experiences as subjects to portray his life and things that are around it. These portraits often respond to social relational issues and propagate certain universality.

All projects focus on the examination of people, namely, the translation of their concerns into performative sculptures, texts or installations. The implementation of self-representation is extremely important to him, and through this process he tries to investigate and clarify fundamental concepts by which the individual and the world can be understood.

The novel GREEN, among the videos and other objects in Hou Chien Cheng’s installation, forms the core of “Orchestrating the Borrowed”, his solo exhibition project at Tique | art space in Antwerp. GREEN is a doing-it-and-writing-it type of autobiography in which Hou Chien Cheng authorizes himself to take up a notional journey to become transgendered as the protagonist Albert Green. The experience of being transgendered is alien to the artist.

By allowing himself into this world, Hou Chien Cheng experiences a life of which he’d never dreamt, and in which he’d never lived. GREEN forms the current results of Hou Chien Cheng’s research; a characterization of the effects of borrowing unknown experiences. GREEN is the second part of Hou Chien Cheng’s autobiographical, literary triology – Brown, Green and White.

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