Gianni Caravaggio

The philosophical reflective process of Gianni Caravaggio aims to investigate the foundation of art and its production through the realization of works definable as devices for demiurgic acts, capable to build space within the space, thanks to their evocative potential.

All images Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Rolando Anselmi. ph Sebastiano Luciano.

His works allow the spectator to retrace the artist’s creation-act and generate new different scenarios by way of imagination. The viewer seems to be called to complete the artwork, guided by the suggestive power of essential shapes, colors and poetical titles that characterize Gianni Caravaggio’s production. The materials of his works go beyond their usual attributes and generate unexpected relations with human thought, leading the spectator to amplify his preconceptions and venture above the objectivity, along the subjective experience.

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