Eva Koťátková

Eva Koťátková’s work addresses the social, institutional and physical structures of everyday life: the rules and restrictions which shape how we think, learn, move, behave and create.

All images Courtesy by the artist and hunt kustner, Prague

She often focuses on the situation of groups or individuals that are from various reasons excluded, discriminated, silenced. She tries to find alternative ways of expression for those who are not able to communicate and integrate in the standard way. Koťátková creates installations made up of objects, drawings, collages, photographs, video, performance and text which engage the spectator in new environments to expose them to new perceptual experiences and approaches.
She is a co-founder of a platform Institute of Anxiety that sees anxiety as a result of social, political, economic and ecological forces. It argues that there is a potential for positive change both in attempting structural changes and system critique but also in diverse acts of sharing.

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