Eva & Franco Mattes

Eva & Franco Mattes are an artists duo living and working in New York. Among the first artists to use the internet as a medium to create art, they use videos, installations and websites allowing their work to represent and critique the internet while always approaching the ethics and politics of life online with a darkly humorous edge.

All images Courtesy by the artists

In the early 90s, the artist duo realized that the then nascent internet would play an increasingly influential and powerful role in shaping contemporary life and culture, and they started devoting their waking hours almost exclusively to exploring this platform: its possibilities, pitfalls, and implications for the creation and dissemination of content and data. This deep and encompassing involvement predicted the fundamental insinuation of digital applications into our lives, and these formative years, both for the artists and internet culture and technology, exemplify the modem age: the analog groundings of digital culture, the compromising influence of human bias, problems, and impulses. The perspective underlying their practice hovers between historicist and futurist, recording the rapid shifts of a hyperconnected culture while anticipating the exponential melding of real space with the psychological and virtual space of the internet. Their work focus is often the viewer rather than the producer. Many of their videos use video formats popularized by the internet, such as the reaction video or the makeup tutorial.

Enfant terribles of Net Art and now godparents of the digital natives, they have been exposing all aspects of digital life – the embarrassing, the narcissistic, the fearless, the gross, the voyeuristic, the insipid, the heartless, and the just plain stupid – revealing the underbelly of our hyper-­connected lives.

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