Eleonora Agostini

The work of Eleonora Agostini explores identity and performativity in relation to private and public spaces, through photography, collages, performances and installations.

All images courtesy Eleonora Agostini

The practice of Eleonora Agostini analyses the construction of personal identities and explores the dichotomy between private and public behaviours and what happens when one influences the other.

Referring to every-day as a space full of potential and possibilities for quests, she incorporates ordinary objects and activities within her work to navigate its different layers and meanings, mainly focusing on power dynamics, performativity, labour, and representation.

Her work is rooted in feminist theories of the gaze and sociological and anthropological researches, used as references to navigate ways human experience is constructed and perceived.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibitions including galleries and museums such as Almanan in Turin, L21 Gallery in Palma de Mallorca, South London Gallery and Borough Road Gallery in London, Leeds Art Gallery in Leeds, Museo Castromediano in Lecce, MAR Ravenna, National Museum of Gdansk, and festivals such as Getxophoto International Photo Festival, Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, Photo OpenUp in Padova, Circulations Festival in Paris and Format Festival in Derby. She was one of the artists of Futures Photography 2021 (selected by Camera Torino) and Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019. She was nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2021.

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