Barbara Schmitz-Becker

The works of the artist Barbara Schmitz-Becker are organic-abstract, her focus is on the “microcosm” – biologically and philosophically.

Text Galerie Schürmann, Kamp- Lintfort
All images Courtesy by the artist. Photo: Raffaele Horstmann and galeriefotografie.de.

Reports on scientific findings and possible uses of (micro)organisms such as fungi, lichens and mosses fascinate Barbara Schmitz-Becker, and she collects and analyses natural samples – on a laboratory scale. During this scientific analysis phase for form, structure and systematic relationships, models and a working topic are created. These can change and develop in the artistic process: Barbara Schmitz-Becker is always concerned with finding and defining new structures and connections between space and drawing. “The networked formations of her wall and room drawings captivate the viewer and lead him into another world. Beyond their aesthetics and power, they reveal to us the deep connection of all human beings and invite us to marvel again.

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