Angela Marzullo

Since her first works, Angela Marzullo (b.1971 Zurich, lives and works in Geneva) has explored feminism, making it both the leitmotif of her art, and her personal life, in the manner of avant-garde artists who make no distinction between the two.

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With tremendous energy, she revaluates and re-articulates the socio-cultural influences that have marked her personally: her work oftentimes intersects with currents of feminist thought. Whether through her alter ego Makita, a polymorphous heroine who embodies all of the attributes generally associated with women in the collective consciousness – witch, Amazonian warrior, Playboy Bunny, attractive starlet, tomboy, nonchalant androgyne – or as a maternal figure in the projects featuring her own daughters, Stella and Lucie, Marzullo can pride herself on fulfilling the role of “transmitter”, of conveyor of thoughts and reflexions. As the recipient of a heterogeneous heritage that is difficult to appropriate without leaning towards dogmatism or losing impetus, the artist questions and challenges attitudes and thinking in an attempt to bring about a renewed apprehension of feminist issues.

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