The Asymmetry of Maps

Whether geopolitical, economic or cultural, the border crosses the entire contemporary society. For the artists in this exhibition, it is an unresolved site whose materiality is unceasingly displaced, a shifting, pliable site instigating many investigations. They aim to test the frontier (visualize it, situate it, traverse it, transgress it) and recount the upheavals it produces: uprooting, lands of expectation, life in transit…

Exhibition The Asymmetry of Maps
Artist(s) Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Alexander Apóstol, Marcos Avila Forero, Milena Bonilla, Mark Boulos, Bouchra Khalili, Enrique Ramirez, Till Roeskens
Venue Grand Café, contemporary art center and at LiFE, submarine base, Saint-Nazaire

Going beyond cartographical representations of space, the artists draw subjective, collective or individual territories. Whether by elaborating narrative ctions, through eldwork or in site-speci c actions, they reveal the asymmetrical power relations traversing the planet and point out borders permanent recomposition as a paradox of our globalised society.

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Tique | publication on contemporary art #3: Six Questions