So far, so real

So far, so real is an exhibition with works by Van Eyck participants Radna Rumping, Daan Gielis and Damon Zucconi.

Exhibition So far, so real
Artist(s) Radna Rumping, Daan Gielis, Damon Zucconi
Venue Jan van Eyck, Maastricht
Photography Werner Mantz Lab, Van Eyck

In our cultivated and structured surroundings deviant behavior, however slight, is a tactic that can be used to continuously modify or re-direct attention(s) and position(s). This deviance can be as simple as the change of speed, script or direction in which things are moving, but also the alteration of the voice we use and how we recognize its source. This exhibition proposes we can step beyond our reality by means of such strategies in order to start to find what could be real underneath, above, behind or beyond.

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Tique | publication on contemporary art #3: Six Questions