Saloon under the bridge #1

The exhibition Saloon under the bridge #1 is a one day event held at in a Renault Clio car, parked at U2 Gleisdreieck in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Exhibition Saloon under the bridge #1
Artist(s) Lucia Bachner, Richard Bott, Christian Bär, Paul Créange, Ruth Devriendt, Albertine Freytag, simonberard.garden, Hannah Gottschalk, Armand Lecouturier, Olga Monina, Peggy Pehl, Manuel Schneidewind, Nicholas Strobelt
Venue U2 Gleisdreieck, Berlin-Schöneberg

Organisers Peggy Pehl and Kathrin Freytag invited 13 artists to contribute to the exhibition:

Lucia Bachner (libellen – tombola, a tattoo to win)
Richard Bott (sent us his dirty clothes from USA, collected on a painting)
Christian Bär(abstract painting)
Paul Créange (window-view from inside when clio is runnig, on the outside)
Ruth Devriendt (brought us a sketchbook for paintings)
Albertine Freytag (two leftsided finger)
simonberard.garden (tape, running, and overrunned)
Hannah Gottschalk (box with drawings)
Armand Lecouturier (sentence on mirror)
Olga Monina (ein lieferschein)
Peggy Pehl (multiple receivers)
Manuel Schneidewind (deserted landscape, running wheel)
Nicholas Strobelt (Anne & Olga with flying glaswool from USA)

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