possibilities on paper

possibilities on paper is a conceptual exhibition, curated by Luisa Schlotterbeck, that does not show works in the classic sense of authorship. The exhibition presents a series of black and white copies that have been designed and stated by different personalities from various areas of society.

Exhibition possibilities on paper
Artist(s) With contributions by Sedar Aslan, Prof. Dr. Ilka Becker, Jacob Bennett, Dr. Stephan Berg, Miriam Bettin, Gerald Böse, Dorothea Bohde, Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Bonnet, Aline Bouvy, Dr. Jan Brügelmann, Jana Buch, Devin Can, Emily Clayton, Koen Delaere, Tristan Deschamps, Cheryl Donegan, Carsten und Jakob Fiedler, Fryd Frydendahl, Maurice Funken, Leonie Gehrke, Philipp Gufler, Patrick Constantin Haas, Harry Hachmeister, Inke Maria Hahnen, Sebastian Halden, Marcel Hiller, Olga Holzschuh, Francys Houlmann, Tarika Johar, Dr. Saša Josifovic, Paula Kamps, Sylbee Kim, Cay Kinzel, Lisa Klosterkötter, Ewa Knitter, Andreas Kossiski, Philipp Lachenmann, Alwin Lay, Zoe Leonard, Arthur Löwen, Paula Löwen-Pohle, Elena Malzew, Petra Martinetz, Stefan Marx, Katharina Monka, Thomas Musehold, Nicolas Pelzer, Seda Pesen, Dr. Sergej Ramusović, Henriette Reker, Monty Richthofen, Antonia Rodrian, Mika Rosenberg, Rolf Sachsse, Esteban Sanchez, Morgaine Schäfer, Laura Schawelka, Jonas Schenk, Julia Scher, Ralph Schuster, Rebekka Seubert, Dr. Ulrich S. Soénius, Adam Spychala, Michael Stockhausen, Die Streichelwurst, Clemens Strottner, Thomas Swinkels, Scherzad Taleqani, Sarah Johanna Theurer, Roberto Uribe-Castro, Maarten Van Roy, Johan Vanneste, VIP, Amadeus Vogelsang and Lily Wittenburg
Venue fiebach,minninger
Image credit: Alwin Lay Courtesy by fiebach,minninger

For this purpose, the curator Luisa Schlotterbeck asked artists, gallerists, economists, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, scientists and curators, among others, for contributions and ideas that reflect the current situation resulting from the corona pandemic. The sheets are distributed in stacks in the gallery space and offered to take away. Responses to the project or to individual contributions are welcome and collected.
possibilities on paper transforms the gallery space into a space of thought and gathers statements, points of view, oscillating ideas, ideals, questions of faith, pragmatic formulations, knowledge or hopes for the present. Voices from various social areas express themselves about one or their now. The question of the exhibition aims at a situated or historical now. What can be a present life model? Where is it anachronistic? What is a present now and what can the term contemporary do? The question is not new, time is.
The exhibition can be understood as a gesture of pause in the largest incision since the end of the Second World War. In this exhibition experiment, the curator wants to consider the seriousness, but also the resulting hopes. It invites you to take a step aside in times of communicative sprints, to take a deep breath and to see the now by looking inwards. Until the opening, the curator does not know which image is going to be created by these views.

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