Marc Nagtzaam – Borrowed Space and Regular Features

Borrowed Space and Regular Features is an exhibition curated by dutch artist Marc Nagtzaam in a presentation of his own work with works by Jochen Lempert, Gilda Mantilla and Raimond Chaves, Karel Martens, Matt Mullican and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. The idea of the show comes from an artist book by Nagtzaam, Regular Features (Roma Publications, 2019), that compiles all his text drawings made between 1992 and 2019 with contributions by other artists (Lempert, Martens and Wolf-Rehfeldt among them) that are inserted throughout the book pages. The other part of the show’s title, Borrowed Space, also refers to a work by Nagtzaam which is, in a way, the central point of the exhibition. The show proposes a presentation of works dealing with texts, graphics, signs, in which the notion of writing is approached.

Exhibition Borrowed Space and Regular Features
Artist(s) Marc Nagtzaam, Jochen Lempert, Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves, Karel Martens, Matt Mullican and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
Venue ProjecteSD, Barcelona
All images Courtesy by the artist

Borrowed space (2017-2019) is a set of 24 drawings by Marc Nagtzaam where he depicts a series of drawn compositions, borrowed from existing book covers, posters, and paintings. One sheet of one of Nagtzaam’s Regular Features series of text drawings is also shown as well as another work, his recent risoprint The Approach. As it is typical in Nagtzaam’s work, the words, the dots, the forms or the lines on them come from an archive that he uses all the time to select different elements from for each new project. Nagtzaam’s work is a combination of control and randomness, somewhere in between thought and emotion. As he states: “in my work I try to create the impression of an open space where nothing is fixed and where the meaning of the work remains open”.

Either through words or undifferentiated signs, the idea of nonverbal writing seems to emerge in Borrowed Space and Regular Features. A kind of writing that remains in silence, incomprehensible. Writing that becomes image, or just a manifestation of being in the absolute without form. 

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