Improvised Uterine Device by Johan Rosenmunthe at Formic

Formic is an exhibition space presenting works by contemporary artists for a colony of European fire ants.

Exhibition Improvised Uterine Device
Artist(s) Johan Rosenmunthe
Venue Formic

The space is a glass cube measuring 25 x 15 x 15 cm located between the colony and a feeding area. It can be visited by the ants 24/7. The exhibition primarily addressed the ants and their perception, however, humans are invited to visit the website where each installation can be visually explored in the smallest detail. The website also functions as an archive, constantly growing by each contribution.

Danish artists Johan Rosenmunthe created an installation made of improvised uterine device, 0.5 mm copper wire, power supply, sand and rocks.

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Tique | publication on contemporary art #3: Six Questions