Impatience of the Future

Impatience of the Future is a collaborative project between Zeller van Almsick and Shore Gallery, revolving around the format of the poster as a statement and as an “invasive” character.

Exhibition Impatience of the Future
Artist(s) Adrian Buschmann, Alex Ito, Catherine Biocca, Débora Delmar, Dennis Buck, Fette Sans, Jasmin Werner, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Lilli Thiessen, Sophie Gogl, Sophie Serber, Tilman Hornig, Timon & Melchior Grau, Xenia Lesniewski
Venue Shore / Zeller van Almsick
All images Courtesy of Shore & Zeller van Almsick and the artists, photo: Simon Veres, 2021

Hence, taking over a former Döner Kebab/ Parcel depository on Spitalgasse, the show activates a playful display contrasting the fourteen commissioned posters glued onto colorful-scrapped walls, stickered mirrors, and other traces of the once Imbiss. Likewise, the artworks attuned with the venue’s whimsicality present an assemble of tongue-in-cheek statements and keen puns.

Impatience of the Future reconfigures urban and exhibition forms by hosting an exciting gathering at the good old Kebab place.

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