Fight or flight
Geert Goiris

In this solo exhibition, Belgian photographer Geert Goiris explores the subconscious, instinctive defence mechanisms at work in the human brain. The exhibition Fight or Flight is an allusion to a term widely used in psychology and neuroscience to describe the defence and flight responses triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. For Geert Goiris, this mechanism is a metaphor for reactions to the complexity of the modern world and the dilemma it creates: should we take on board constructive realism or take refuge while we wait for the radical rupture – as prophesied in apocalyptic narratives – to occur?

Exhibition Fight or flight
Artists Geert Goiris
Venue Frac Haute-Normandie
Photography Marc Domage

The exhibition layout devised by Geert Goiris looks at the possible effects that these mechanisms have on his photos. He compares and contrasts visions of the world that are at the same time poetic, abstract and realistic, focusing on the enigmatic aspect of his work. By using different media – posters of his prints in various formats stuck directly on to the wall – the artist investigates the paradoxical way in which photography can reveal environments in the smallest detail, while at the same time keeping secrets and matters left unsaid. He shows the way in which this lack of information gives way, in the end, to the imagination, while at the same time sparking a feeling of abandonment, loneliness, melancholy and detachment. Accordingly, the exhibition sets out to discuss the possibilities and limitations of photography, as well as the conditions commanding contemporary perception

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