Felicity Hammond – Public Protection, Private Collection

Using stolen ballast from local sites of luxury development and the raw materials associated with construction and regeneration, Felicity Hammond’s first London solo show and new installation addresses the complex make-up of the urban fabric.

Exhibition Public Protection, Private Collection
Artist(s) Felicity Hammond
Venue Space In Between, London

Hammond’s photographic work adopts the pastel hues and image-making methodologies used to describe the proclaimed opulence of city-living, by using a language that has become commonplace within the narrative of urban renewal. But rather than the sun-kissed fantasy described by developers, the viewer is invited into a world which anticipates them in ruin. Images that have been excavated from the virtual space of the rendered architectural proposition lay discarded, whilst the audience navigates through a familiar system to protect them from the upturned city.

Felicity Hammond received a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in 2014, and is currently undertaking a TECHNE funded PhD at Kingston University. She has been a finalist and nominee for numerous awards including: Foam Talent (2016) British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award (winner – 2016), and Saatchi New Sensations (2014). Her work has been exhibited widely and most recently at Tate Modern in collaboration with Self Publish Be Happy, London 2016; Somerset House for Photo London with The Photographer’s Gallery, London 2016; and Saatchi Gallery, London 2015.

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