Artist features

Carlo Benvenuto

Carlo Benvenuto’s research is determined by the desire of communicating as little as possible. The artist works at home, with his furniture and belongings, reducing individual choices to a minimum.

All images courtesy by the Artist & Galleria Mazzoli Modena, Berlin

Benvenuto photographs what he has available in 1:1 scale, on a neutral background and in a rarefied atmosphere of subtlety and suspense. The absence of surrounding elements transforms such commonplace objects in a mistery: an electric guitar, a tea cup on the edge of a table, all clothed with a soft light of unquestionable pictorial quality. The framing denies any expressive purpose. The minimal approach is pursued with a research on the verge of perfection. In Benvenuto modus operandi, form and composition, along with a skillful light and chromatic balance, perform a fundamental role and declare the artist’s admiration for classical painting. His beautiful compositions accuse wisely and gracefully the order that we try to impose on chaos.

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Tique | publication on contemporary art #3: Six Questions