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Tique | art paper

#2: Contemporary Camera

Tique | art paper is a publication about contemporary art that exists both in print and online. Read more about issue #2: Contemporary Camera.

Tique | art space

Katrin Kamrau

24 x 18 cm

05-09-2019 | 21-09-2019

“Met dank aan Agfa Gevaert voor de fotografische bijdrage.”1 For her solo exhibition 18   x   24  cm at Tique | art space, the artist Katrin Kamrau addresses history-forming processes on the basis of an archival find, discovered in the Lieven-Gevaertarchief. Her starting point is a set of copies of worksheets with reference images and size specifications for image reproductions. These had been compiled from the mid-1980s by a working...


Tique Salon #15

12-09-2018 | 19.30 hrs
During Tique Salon #15, we invited several colleagues running vivid initiatives within the field of independent publishing to share insights... Read more

Intimate Structures

Intimate Structures is an online platform by Tique that collects visual stories of photographers working with the theme of intimacy.