Anna Witt – The Change Beyond The Visible

The Goethe-Institut Neapel and the Forum Austriaco di Cultura a Roma are pleased to present the video installation “Braids on Fire/Trecce in Fiamme” (2 channel HD video, 2021) by Anna Witt, at the end of the residency program The Change Beyond the Visible, curated by Maria Teresa Annarumma with the collaboration of Associazione Amici di Carlo Fulvio Velardi ONLUS-Casa di Vetro and the Complesso Museale di Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco. Read more
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#3: Six Questions

Issue #3: Six Questions with Jonas Lund, Marge Monko, Letha Wilson, Félicia Atkinson, Ali Zanjani, Paulien Oltheten, Marc Nagtzaam, Yuki Okumura, Katja Mater, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Paul Kooijker and Lito Kattou.