Nazgol Ansarinia – Pools and Voids

The exhibition presents a new body of work conceived during the last months and shown for the first time. Throughout her career, Ansarinia has addressed numerous topics such as control, memories associated with inhabited places, the urban development of Tehran with its demolition and rapid reconstruction process, patterns and motifs, recalling Persian mirror mosaics and carpets, which she then translates into artworks employing several media such as video, sculpture, drawing, and collage. Read more
Tique | publication on contemporary art

#3: Six Questions

Issue #3: Six Questions with Jonas Lund, Marge Monko, Letha Wilson, Félicia Atkinson, Ali Zanjani, Paulien Oltheten, Marc Nagtzaam, Yuki Okumura, Katja Mater, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Paul Kooijker and Lito Kattou.

Piero Golia

Italian-born, Los Angeles–based artist Piero Golia is a sculptor of situations. His works—which at times take physical form, often... Read more