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#2: Contemporary Camera

Tique | art paper is a publication about contemporary art that exists both in print and online. Read more about issue #2: Contemporary Camera.

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Romy Alizée, Elena Aya Bundurakis, Valentina Stellino, Dinaya Waeyaert

Intimate Structures #2

09-05-2019 | 01-06-2019

The exhibition ‘Intimate Structures #2’ includes works by Romy Alizée, Elena Aya Bundurakis, Valentina Stellino and Dinaya Waeyaert. How do you gain an understanding of another person’s reality? How do you show what you feel as opposed to what you see? Where do you draw the line between empathy and voyeurism? Intimacy, between lovers, family members, friends or even strangers, has for decades been an inherent aspect of photography....


Tique Salon #15

12-09-2018 | 19.30 hrs
During Tique Salon #15, we invited several colleagues running vivid initiatives within the field of independent publishing to share insights... Read more

Intimate Structures

Intimate Structures is an online platform by Tique that collects visual stories of photographers working with the theme of intimacy.